Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Well, we officially made it to Washington in one piece!!

William did amazing on the flight here. Far better than I ever could have asked for.

The plane was almost completely full, but not too full that he didn't end up with his own seat. He looked like such a big boy sitting all by himself buckled in for take off and landing.

And we lucked out in getting a family with a little boy in front of us, and a mom with 2 little ones behind us. So William spent the majority of the flight going from looking over one seat, to looking over the other.

The family in front of us even recognized me from Plato's. I always feel bad when people know me, but I don't know them! But they were so amazing and far more pleasant with William than anyone in their right mind would have been!

The 2 boys shared all of their snacks the whole trip, and when William would get sick of whatever was in his mouth, he found it necessary to take it out and hand it to the other mom. Poor girl just took it, laughed, and didn't even seem to mind. What a great lady!

William did NOT like the take off.
He had a window seat and found it entertaining to watch everything zoom by so fast, but when it came to the actual lift off and, well everything until we leveled out, he freaked out. He had to be hugging my arm and distracted with something else.
Fortunately the lady sitting next to me in the aisle seat did a great job of entertaining him during the descent that I don't think he even knew what was happening until we touched down.

When getting off the plane, William refused to be carried, but also walked EXTREMELY slow. I'm sure that everyone behind us were getting really upset, but everyone today seemed to be extremely understanding of the hugely pregnant lady with a wildly active child!

Even the airport was understanding and gave Kathy and Ron a pass to get thru security and meet us at the gate! William was so excited as we turned the corner and he saw Grandma standing there. His tired and slow little legs kicked into full speed and he ran all the way into her arms!

We are now safe and sound at their beautiful house in this amazing city. I can't wait for what the next few days are going to bring. It is so exquisite here, and William is happier than ever being with Grandma and Grandpa Ron.

I have some more pictures, but the camera cord is in the room where William is sleeping, so I will post them later!


  1. Glad your flight went well. I'm flying to ID with Grayson this weekend and I'm praying he just sleeps the whole way. :) Have fun in WA.

  2. Glad your flight was so awesome! Hopefully it's just as amazing when you fly home. WA is one of my most favorite places to be in this country. Hope you have a good trip!

    Oh and one thing I did with Alexis on her first flight--she was obsessed with Little Einsteins at one so we pretended we were in Rocket getting ready to blast off. She had her pacifier to suck on and we were patting away to help the plane take off. I don't know if Will has seen that show but it helped as a distraction in take off.

    Again, have a good trip! I'm glad your flight there was awesome!