Sunday, March 27, 2011

Jesus Take the Wheel

*Sorry, I'm getting spiritual and sappy in this one! But turn up your volume, the music in the video makes such an impact!

Today I went to church with my parents. With Sean being out of town, it is always nice to have some help during sacrament!

Today made me reflect a bunch on the church. I love the fact that no matter where you attend church, it will be the same. You learn the same principles, and feel the same spirit no matter what building you are in.

The Sunday School and Relief Society lessons really hit home. It was shocking how much the related to one another. The topic of Sunday School was "Trust in the Lord" and Relief Society was about turning the pressures of the devil into a positive and how to overcome temptations.

I would not ever say that I am a "bad person" or that I am not living my life the way that I am supposed to. But of course there are always temptations out there, and of course I am not PERFECT (shhhh, don't tell Sean!). There is always room for everyone to improve in their life, and today really made me reflect on those aspects of my life that I could put more effort into.

On my drive home from my parents house, the song "Jesus Take the Wheel" came on. I'm not sure if it was my prego emotions )that's what we are going to blame) but I got completely teary eyed and spent the rest of the drive reflecting on my life as well as the life of my family.

It is hard to think that every decision I make is going to have a huge impact on my children. Every little detail of my day to day life will help shape them into the people they will grow up to be. Even a small bad decision can make a negative impact.

This was not the first time I have heard this a matter of fact, I've probably heard it a hundred or more times. Maybe it was the fact that it was bad weather and I too had a sleeping baby in the back seat. But this time listening to the song I realized that I need to take the words to heart. I need to let Jesus Take The Wheel.

If I put my trust in the Lord, there's no way he is going to steer me wrong. He will help me face the temptations of the devil, and will help me be the best Mom and Wife I can be. Setting a good example and shaping these little ones into the best they can be.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

First day of Nursery!

Last sunday was William's first day of Nursery.
(yah, kinda blurry)

I'm not sure who was more excited?

We talked up Nursery so much.
The treats
The toys
The friends
and The leaders

Our next door neighbors are in the Nursery, so William was already familiar with them, and so he was comfortable staying without me.

But as soon as I dropped him off, he went straight for the little broom/vacuum thing. And I was told that he spend most of the time cleaning up the floor!!
Yup, sounds like my son!

When I picked him up after class, the leaders told me that he did not have a picture that he colored, because he was too busy cleaning to stop and color!
(luckyly this week they talked him into coloring!)

Boy was it AMAZING to pay attention in class.
I was able to take notes
follow along in the scriptures
and I actually knew what the lesson was about at the end of class!

Sacrament meeting was another experience. Sean wasn't at church because he got called out to work, so I had to attempt keeping William in the pew on my own.

(I love his "cheese" face!)

Lucky for me, there were many friendly people around willing to help me corral my child into a 4 pew circumfrence!!

And he spent most of the time sitting with the family in front of us.
That is until they started to read him his "noah" book, and he started YELLING the animal sounds every time a page was turned!

"Baa Baa Baa" is not the most sacrament appropriate noise!

So, after about 20 minutes of attempting it, we called it quits and went home!

What a WONDERFUL experience having a little one in nursery! I can enjoy this peace at least until July!