Friday, November 13, 2009

Adult time?

It is funny how once you become parents, your whole lives revolve around your baby. Most every conversation you have is about something the baby did. Your schedule is DEFINITELY based on the baby and his mood. And all of your extra curricular activities (if you have any) are based off of what you can do with the baby.
Well, tonight Sean and I decided to do something for us. So next year, WE ARE GOING TO DISNEYLAND! Yeah, I know, what a great "adult" place huh? But we both love it so much, and have been wanting to go for such a long time. So tonight we decided that instead of Christmas, Valentines, or Anniversary gifts for one another, we are putting all of the money toward a trip to CA!
I don't remember the last time I was this excited. Oh wait, yes I do. It was December 21, 2008 when I found out I was pregnant (Oh, there I go again talking about the baby!). But we are hoping to make the trip over our anniversary next March. It will be our 3 year anniversary, as well as almost 3 years since we have been to Disneyland.
If anyone wants to join us for this vacation, you are more than welcome! The more the merrier!
Also today I realized that I really miss clogging. It's funny how something is in your life for such a long time, that you can't just be without it. I almost get emotional over the thought of not competing. Last year was so hard, and this year is even harder. I'm hoping that maybe by next fall we can save up enough money for me to start clogging again. It would also be nice to get back into shape! I've never had to deal with the whole idea of working out, because clogging always kept me in shape. Now, i can't rely on it anymore so I have to do other things to get rid of this mommy fat!

Well, I avoided the baby topic long enough, here are some more pictures of Will!!!

Just about to sneeze! He always seems to sneeze during picture time!
I swear this can not be comfortable.

Oh, my bother is coming home soon! For those of you who don't know, he is in the National Guard. He left in April for training, and was supposed to be home the middle of August, before William was born. But he ended up getting the Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, as well as other sicknesses which kept him from being able to train for about 3 months. He finally got a little better and has resumed his training. He will be home next weekend, just in time for Thanksgiving! I am so excited, because he has been very limited on how much contact he has with the outside world, and I also haven't seen him since he left. It will surely be a wonderful holiday season having my whole family back together!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

New Pictures of William!

I haven't posted pictures of Will in a while, so here's just a few!

Yesterday we went to the doctor for William's 2 month check up (yes, i realize he is 10 weeks, not 8!) He is one healthy little one, and is growing VERY well! He is now 23 inches and weighs 12 lbs 3 oz. And you can tell when holding him that he weighs 12 lbs. My arm goes dead quite frequently! He also got his 2 month immunizations, which included one oral and 3 shots in his legs. He did very well for the oral, and his first shot, but then quickly started screaming with the saddest cry ever. I felt for him. I have a major fear of needles, and started to tear up as soon as the nurse walked in with them.

He is now a lot more alert and aware of his surroundings. We recently received got a new swing which has a mirror on the mobile above him, and he could sit in it all day and just stare at himself. It is so funny to watch him smile at himself like he would for me or Sean. I can't help but just sit and watch him all day long! Luckily though with this new swing situation, he is quite content, so I have been getting a little housework done!

Well, I can hear him starting to wake up from the other room, so this is all the update you get right now!