Thursday, November 12, 2009

New Pictures of William!

I haven't posted pictures of Will in a while, so here's just a few!

Yesterday we went to the doctor for William's 2 month check up (yes, i realize he is 10 weeks, not 8!) He is one healthy little one, and is growing VERY well! He is now 23 inches and weighs 12 lbs 3 oz. And you can tell when holding him that he weighs 12 lbs. My arm goes dead quite frequently! He also got his 2 month immunizations, which included one oral and 3 shots in his legs. He did very well for the oral, and his first shot, but then quickly started screaming with the saddest cry ever. I felt for him. I have a major fear of needles, and started to tear up as soon as the nurse walked in with them.

He is now a lot more alert and aware of his surroundings. We recently received got a new swing which has a mirror on the mobile above him, and he could sit in it all day and just stare at himself. It is so funny to watch him smile at himself like he would for me or Sean. I can't help but just sit and watch him all day long! Luckily though with this new swing situation, he is quite content, so I have been getting a little housework done!

Well, I can hear him starting to wake up from the other room, so this is all the update you get right now!

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