Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Finally warm weather!

Today is the start of great summer weather!!! William is so excited to be out and about again.

This is a fabulous picture of him fighting with the neighbor dog!! Every time he walks outside he starts to say "woof woof", hoping that the dog will come bark back. Today, it did!!

This is him running away, completely scared, from the dog!!! haha. Guess maybe now he will stop trying to get his attention!

We played outside with the dog, ball, and sidewalk chalk!

He was great at multitasking!! Notice the chalk and ball in the same hand.

We drew a dog, a cat, a bird, and William!!! He loved them

William got more chalk on himself than he did the sidewalk!

I felt so bad for our poor 82 year old neighbor. She came outside to say hi, and William ended up making her play catch with him for an hour and a half. Her exact words "I'm gonna sleep good tonight"! haha

Oh, and we found the culprit that has been keeping us up at night. This dang woodpecker is ALWAYS out there. I don't know when he sleeps, because it seems like he is always making noise!