Wednesday, May 26, 2010

william swinging

william swinging
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A while ago, I told Sean's cousin that I was going to try and get a video of William running in his swing, and I FINALLY DID!

It's too funny to watch. His little legs run so fast and then when he cant touch anymore, it flings him backwards. And then he does it all over again. He does it for at least a half hour everyday! I could just sit and watch it all day long.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Book Giveaway!

Hey guys, I'm trying to help my sister win a book on a Blog called My Book Smells. You can also head over to the blog to enter the giveaway for yourself!

The prize..... Book 1 of the Ranger's Apprentice Series: "The Ruins of Gorlan" by John Flanagan.

Ends June 9th!

When you go over to enter for yourself, please put that you were refered by HEATHER MICHAELIS!

There's many ways to enter, so hurry over and enter now!

~Get your thrift on!

Friday, May 21, 2010

I have the CUTEST son ever!

Ok, so yesterday I got camera happy! I can't help but take pictures of this amazingly cute face!

Showing off his chompers!

Who could resist? I realized that I have hundreds of pictures on my camera, but I can't get myself to delete them, even though they are on both my computers and backed up to a cd!

Ok, here's some more!

This is one of his MANY faces.....
This is his favorite corner in his room! I had to move the glider to be able to take pictures, cause he was playing behind it by himself!

He couldn't decide if he wanted to be ON the glider, or OFF.
Yup, that's another of his many faces!
And another!

I do have to say, he's pretty dang cute. And I'm so glad he takes after his daddy and got the good looks!

Sean's B-day

I totally forgot that it was Sean's b-day and I didn't post about it.

Sean had to be out of town for work over his birthday, so we didn't get to celebrate it until that weekend when he got home. The only celebrating was a happy birthday phone call at midnight (yes, I woke him up to wish him Happy B-day) and a phone call later when William wouldn't stop talking to him!

But on Saturday, we had a BBQ at Bill's house then went to a movie after. I know, lots of celebrating huh? Well, when you have a husband that doesn't care much, there's only so much you can do!

Here's some pictures from the BBQ

This is my first attempt at a round cake. I didn't have much time, or it would have been more exciting!
He blew them out in one try. Probably because the cake was small, so he didn't have to try very hard!
The kids taking out the candles

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A great day

So lately I have been a nervous wreck. If you don't know why yet, maybe I will go public with it in a few weeks! And on top of my reasoning for being nervous, I have been sick for almost 2 weeks. I never knew how moms could go 24/7 and get very little sleep. But now, I'm running off even less sleep.

Tonight made everything worth it! I went and got a 1 hour massage! My shoulders were so tense from all my coughing, and it was giving me headaches. So I broke down this morning and booked the appointment. It really was the greatest idea I've had in a long time.

Have you ever had one of those massages that you thought were going to be relaxing and you'd be able to catch up on much needed sleep? This was NOT one of them! I told her that my shoulders and back were tense and causing my headaches so she decided to take that into her own hands. She dug every ounce of pressure she had into my shoulders and neck. I had nail marks in my own hands, and had tears pouring from my eyes. I dont know if I have ever hurt that bad, and figured I would be pissed at her when I left.

Boy was I wrong. I don't think I have ever been as relaxed as I was by the end of that hour! It was well worth the pain!

Best Mothers Day gift to myself EVER!

Being a Mom is the best!

This was my first year of officially being "Mom". And it has been the best year so far. And to top it all off, I have an amazing husband to help me celebrate Mothers Day!
When I woke up on Mothers Day, I was sick as a dog. I swear it always happens that I'm sick on days I should be celebrating. But just walking downstairs made me forget about my sickness completly, because I woke to my wonderful husband and son holding Mothers Day cards for me!

Sean knows me well enough to get me a Visa Gift Card for Mothers Day instead of trying to "figure me out" and guess what I would like! So now I get to go treat myself to whatever it is I decide!

After the boys gave me my cards, I decided to sleep off my sickness and went back to bed!! I slept for a good portion of the day. Probably not the best way to spend Mothers Day, but with how I felt, it was the best way I could think of!

After waking and getting myself presentable, we decided to take William to the park for the very first time! I was so glad it was a nice sunny day, but apparently everyone else in Layton and Kaysville had the same ideas as we did because the parks were packed! We couldn't find an empty one that had swings, so we settled for Ponds Park in Kaysville and I'm guessing it was a great choice. Because William LOVES the slides!

But the funny thing is, it wasn't just William that had a great time. Sean was like a little kid running from toy to toy!

After the park, we were lucky to have the Dickson's invite us for Mothers Day dinner with their family. Well, I guess we should say, our second family!! Sean practically lived there growing up, and we are doing the same now! We love the family, and are so grateful to be so welcomed by all of them!

It truely was the greatest day. I am so lucky to have the family that I do, and to have the oportunity of being a Mom. Day after day I wonder how I was chosen to have this amazing life and have the family that I do.

I hope that everyone's Mothers Day was as great as mine!