Friday, May 21, 2010

Sean's B-day

I totally forgot that it was Sean's b-day and I didn't post about it.

Sean had to be out of town for work over his birthday, so we didn't get to celebrate it until that weekend when he got home. The only celebrating was a happy birthday phone call at midnight (yes, I woke him up to wish him Happy B-day) and a phone call later when William wouldn't stop talking to him!

But on Saturday, we had a BBQ at Bill's house then went to a movie after. I know, lots of celebrating huh? Well, when you have a husband that doesn't care much, there's only so much you can do!

Here's some pictures from the BBQ

This is my first attempt at a round cake. I didn't have much time, or it would have been more exciting!
He blew them out in one try. Probably because the cake was small, so he didn't have to try very hard!
The kids taking out the candles

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