Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve 2011

I'm in love with my little family!! I get so much joy out of watching the excitement in the kids eyes with the holiday spirit.

This morning when I checked the baby monitor, I could not see William so I assumed he was awake and playing where the camera doesn't show. Well, I was wrong. This is what I found when I went into his room.

When I asked him why he was in the closet, he told me he was hiding from the trains!

Tonight we got to open our jammies! Or should I say, William opened everyone's jammies!

Poor Daddy was sick all day, so he was all bundled up while he watched Will open the presents.

This is the first year William is really understanding the Santa thing, and it's so much fun!

Before bed we put out cookies cookie for Santa and a carrot for Rudolph.
It started out as multiple cookies, but Will ate one.
And then he tried to eat the carrot and when I told him no he informed me "carrot make Will fly like Reindeer". 
Then he started to run around the room with his arms out making the "shoooom" flying sound!

Santa had hit our house by 9:30!! Gotta love an early Santa!

Santa tracked snow into the house and even left the kids a note.
But boy, that Rudolph is a MESSY eater. There are carrot slivers all over the floor by the door.

But Santa left the kids a ton of presents.

I can't wait to see their excitement while they open them all tomorrow!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

"SANTA!...I know him"

I love any reason to celebrate, and so now that the holidays are's really time to play! I've been trying to do something "extra" everyday for the kiddos. Something with a Christmas theme, and something to build a memory.

William has been watching some fun Holiday movies. "The Polar Express" and "Santa Clause is coming to town" are his two favorites. I didn't think he would be old enough this year to know or understand Santa, but I'm sure due to these movies, he's loving the idea of Santa!

Today we got invited by our friends, the Hallows, to go visit Santa and 2 of his reindeer up at Weber State. 

We were waiting in line when Santa showed up, and boy did William love it. He didn't want to stand in line after that. He kept trying to run to the front just to see Santa. When it was our turn, Will was the only 2 year old who wasn't screaming when it came time to sit on Santa's lap.
As soon as I picked him up to put him on Santa's lap, he started talking his ear off. Neither Santa or I could get a word in.  I was lucky enough to get a few pictures as he took a break to yell "cheese".

Gracie loved the candy cane she got from Santa!

After seeing Santa, we went outside to see the reindeer. After we got home, William asked me why they weren't flying! lol, too cute. I had to explain to him they have to save up their energy for Christmas Night!

I can't wait for the rest of the month and all the fun celebrating we get to do!