Monday, September 21, 2009

William's Newborn Pictures

My sister came over and took Williams newborn pictures a few weeks ago. It has taken me a while to get them up, but here they are. Oh, and i also discovered a beautiful thing called How amazing is that site?! All of these pictures have been edited online. Perks of nap time!

State Fair

This last week I took will to the State Fair with my family. We went with my Parents, My Dad's Parents, My Mom's Mom, and My Sister and her kids. It was a blast. We spent almost 6 hours there, and hit pretty much everything there was to see. Of course the most time was spent looking at all of the animals as that is where Hendrix wanted to head the second we walked in the gates! The only down side to the whole experience was that I had to keep Will in the stroller while covered up the entire time, so he wouldn't get a sunburn, and he ended up getting a heat rash. Poor little boy. But he is now getting over the rash, and is slowly becoming less fussy because of it! Here are some pictures taken while there...

Monday, September 7, 2009

The arrival of our Miracle!

Ok, I have been slowly writing it all down, and spending any free time getting the story together. Here goes:
William Powell Barker
On Tuesday, September 1, we checked into the hospital at 9:30 am. The doctor showed up at 10:45 and broke my water, which immediately sent me into more severe of contractions. Who knew that what I was feeling before that wasn’t severe! I really wanted to go as long as I could without an epidural just to say that I had, but at 11:30 I caved and asked to “quickly” be given one! I was terrified to receive it, because of my fear of needles, but after the sharp prick to numb my back, the rest was extremely bearable! The next 8 ½ hours were a piece of cake and I even sent Sean home to take a nap and just hang out!
At about 7:45 pm the nurse came in to inform me that if I hadn’t made any more progress by 9 pm they were going to take me in for a C-section. This worried me because I had not been mentally preparing for one, but decided I had an hour and 15 min to do so. No sooner had the nurse stepped out of the room, and I started feeling sharp pains in my back. I beeped the nurse to come back because of my pain, but she took 25 more minutes to show up. After paging the anesthesiologist, I received 3 more shots into my epidural line of a stronger drug to kill the pain. I had just spent 30 minutes experiencing the worst pain of my life.
At 9 pm the nurses rushed into the room, got Sean changed for the O.R. and hurried me away. It went so quick it is almost a blur. Once in the O.R. they started setting up for the C-section, as Sean prepped his camera skills! Little did we know he wouldn’t be using them. My epidural wouldn’t take in the area from my bellybutton to my hips, although everything else from my neck to my toes were numb. After having a total of 7 shots into my epidural line, there was no numbing me, and they informed us they would be putting me to sleep, which meant Sean had to leave.
30 minutes later I woke up in the recovery room to nurses telling me all the stats of the baby.
6 lbs 12 oz
21 inches long
blond curly hair!!
Born at 10:08 pm
Shortly after the nurse brought in my baby boy, and asked me to feed him. Everything went great. The baby and I seemed to make a great pair! But all of a sudden, he stopped feeding and went purple/grey in color all over his body. The nurse snatched him up and ran from the room. I was left all alone wondering what was happening. About 5 minutes later another nurse stepped in and informed me that he had stopped breathing, but he had been doing abnormal things like that the whole day while I was in labor. Nobody had told me.
As it turns out, Will had his umbilical cord wrapped around his neck 5 times, and as he started to descend during labor, it would get tighter and tighter. Apparently my baby has a reason for being on this earth and knew how to get himself here. Stay in the belly! If we had not done the unplanned C-section, the doctor’s say he most likely would not have made it through delivery.
I am so grateful for my strong little baby and everything he did to be here with our family. He has been such a blessing and will continue to bring everyone around us closer and closer together!