Thursday, April 28, 2011

Washington - Part 2

Wow, I never knew that my son had so much energy!

Apparently once he is in a new place, there is no stopping him.....until he CRASHES!

I thought I would share a few of his adventures the past 2 days!

Yesterday we did some shopping, went to lunch with Grandpa Ron, and then just hung around the house while it POORED outside. William really wanted to go out, but didn't seem to mind much once Toy Story was on!!

Grandma had never seen Toy Story 2 before, so the two of them enjoyed some quite time while movie watching.

But once Grandpa Ron got home from work, all quiteness went out the window and they played the drums upstairs (i'm yet to get a picture), then got a piggy back ride downstairs, then played the drums upstairs, then got a piggy back ride downstairs, and so on!! Grandpa Ron is great to put up with all of William's demands!

Oh, and who knew that playing with potatos was SO MUCH FUN?

William made a great game out of pulling them from the pantry and placing them all in a line on the counters edge. Then, the would return them all to the pantry one at a time, and start all over again!
Who needs toys?

We then ended the night watching Bambi. It has been YEARS since I have seen it, and William has never watched it. But I knew he would be an immediate fan because of all the animals.
I was right!! And it helped that Grandpa Ron narated the movie for him. But don't worry, we went to bed before the "bad part" of the movie!

Ok, pics have taken too long to load, so I will post about today, tomorrow!!

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