Tuesday, February 8, 2011

What a great day!

Today William and I headed down to my parents house. It was a day spent cheering up Grandma and well, chasing Grandpa around the house!!
William really LOVES his Grandpa. He is like a little shaddow that is constantly under my dad's feet. Poor guy might get stepped on quite a bit because of this, but he doesn't mind. As long as he can be Grandpa's right hand man, he is content!

We spent all day with my Mom so that my Dad could go out and run much needed errands. But Grandma spoils William too much, and lets him play with and do whatever he wants. When he was done with his mad dash, it looked like a tornado had hit the house! Talk about a mess!

When Grandpa got home, William got to help him replace all of the dead bolts in the house!! William loves him a screwdriver!

But as with any little one, something has to go missing in the process. This time it was one of the screws. Guess where we found it? (sorry the picture is kinda blurry)

Yup, the screw was inside the bullet hole in the wall!! Smart little bugger!
(check out how small the holes are!)

Also, Grandpa had to get the eggs from the chicken coop, and William insisted on going with him. But no socks or shoes would be involved. So when he came in, his poor toes were frozen!

But of course, Grandpa was there to warm them up!!

Boy do we love family time!

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