Wednesday, February 16, 2011

William's first official haircut!

Well today was the day...William got his first official hair cut. Trust me, it was FAR past time.

First of all, the before pictures:

Ok, granted the wind is blowing in these pictures, so it makes it look a lot worse, but you get the point. These were taken yesterday, so you can see how long it was!

And William was being difficult today, so we only have a side view of what the hair looks like after the hair cut. But hey, you can compare it with the one above to see the HUGE difference!

And then we have the "in the process of" pictures! They take the cake. Poor kid had a rough time. The second Allyson put him in the chair, the tears started streaming, and never really stopped until it was over and he was down playing with the dogs!

Hopefully tomorrow he will cooperate a little better, and I can get a good picture of his beautiful new hair cut!!

He is such a handsome boy now!

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