Thursday, February 17, 2011

Landlords Landlords Landlords

This morning while blowing my nose my ear popped...nothing too out of the norm. There's been a lot of pressure there lately. But apparently this time was different because I immediately became overwhelmingly dizzy and sick to my stomach.

I have spent the majority of today laying down!

Oh, but I've decided that our neighbors must think they live next to a bunch of different toned HORNS and WHISLES! Because at the rate my family has been blowing their nose lately, You're bound to hear some strange noise every 5 minutes!!

But I have decided that if the room does not stop spinning by tomorrow morning, it will be time to go see the doctor!

On another note, it's funny how a Landlord is first to call you THE DAY BEFORE rent is due, just as a "friendly reminder", but when you call them with information of a leak and a soaking wet floor, they don't return your phone calls!
Sean's been calling them all day, but we are yet to get a return call.

So, we made the most of the situation and played with William's Aquadoodle!

Now we are just hoping the Landlord calls back soon.

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