Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Swimming at Grandma and Grandpas!

Today I went swimming at my parents house! Heather and the kids were there, as well as some neighbors. It's not a huge pool, but it sure is fun to have EVERYONE in the pool at once!

Here are some fun pictures

Grandpa got in a water fight with Dakota!
Grandma would empty the pool of all the toys, and Dakota kindly put all of them back in!
We are horrible people.....bribing a 1 year old with DP so that she would walk for us!

The girls hanging out with their legs in the pool!
She didn't want to get in the pool, but wanted to play with the water.
Being "got" by Grandpa!
Marley swimming on her own. What a great kicker!

Not sure what she is doing here
Marley was helping Grandpa clean the pool
Hendrix's first time jumping on the tramp with the sprinkler under it. At first he stood on the side and kept saying "i don't like it" until I told him that he could jump around it. Once he got wet he started yelling "I LIKE IT, I LIKE IT"

Dakota got water in her mouth!
Marley loved being "got" by the aligator
Marley did really well swimming around the pool with the water wings on. Not even Dakota would swim without a ring floaty
They were in a boat fight
Haha, apparently the adults needed the ring floaties too! Aren't Heather and I so cute? The aligator hides my belly!
Hendrix just watched a lot of the time. Unless Grandpa was in the water, he didn't really want to be in.
Dakota hung out on the ladder most of the time!

It was a lot of fun to hang out with everyone, even though there was A LOT of screaming from the kids! Grandma kept telling them that there was no screaming aloud in the pool. About 3 minutes later, Hendrix squirted her with a water toy and she screamed. Haha, "There's no screaming in the pool Grandma"

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  1. Hi Vanessa, I didn't know you had a blog! The pics are so cute. You only have a couple weeks left..I'm jealous. :) Can't wait to see pics of the little guy!
    Jamie (Norman)