Thursday, January 29, 2009

First Baby Appointment

Today Sean and I had our first doctor's appointment with Dr Julia Johansson. We found out that they do an ultrasound at every visit, and give you a DVD and pictures of each ultrasound. It was so fun to see the baby for the first time, and hear the heart beat. It finally made everything seem real. But for all of you who thought twins might be on the way, we only saw one baby in the picture, and heard one heart beat. Sorry! Hope you enjoy the video!
Love you all


  1. Congrats again! That is so exciting!!

  2. That's my beautiful grandbaby!

  3. I LOVE ultrasounds!!! I think seeing a baby for the first time is MIND BOGGELING! I cant wait to meet the newest Barker addition! When is the expected arrival date??