Friday, February 6, 2009

On Call Week

Sean has been on call for work ALL WEEK. This has really never been a problem before, even during the busy time of year. But the week started with the comment of "it is our slow time, I will be lucky to get just one call at night, let alone get all my wanted hours this week". I call b.s. on that statement.
Last night was the first time Sean was home at a DECENT time. He got home around 7 (after going to work at 7 in the morning). But this was the only night he was home before I was in bed, or on my way to bed. He has been getting home past 11 every other night, and tonight apparently is yet another. It is now almost 10 and he is doing some weird job at the Hospital...who cares if the sick people are cold, just blame it on their illness (sorry sick people, but I miss my husband).
Tomorrow I work in the morning, and Sunday we have church at 11. I can only cross my fingers in hopes of seeing my husband the next two nights.
I feel so bad for those who work opposite shifts from their spouse. I suck at going without seeing mine. Dont take a husband away from his emotional and ornery pregnant wife! It just makes her more emotional and ornery.

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