Saturday, January 17, 2009

First Post

Hey everyone!
Sean and I figured we would jump on the bandwagon of blogging mainly to keep everyone updated on pre-baby life!

Right now I (Vanessa) am on my 7th day of having Sean in Idaho for work, yet again. I am hoping that once the baby comes, his work will be less likely to send him up there, at least for as long as he has been leaving for.

I am definitly having a hard time with getting used to the pregnancy thing. It was a shock to our family, and is even more of a shock to my body! I started out with just night sickness, which wasn't too bad because I was just nauseous, never threw up. But then Sean got me sick with the Flu, and the doctor just send me home with no meds or advice except....just though it out. After recovering from the Flu 5 days later I thought life wouldn't get better, then morning sickness set in. I am fortunate enough to have tons of friends and family who have experienced this many times themselves, and have given me great ideas and advice. Most of which seem to help, but just for a period of time. I am back to not feeling well in the mornings, being tired by 3pm, and feeling sick by 5. What a wonderful experience that just gets repeated the next day! But I am very lucky to have a 3 day weekend and a dvr full of showes that still need to be watched!

Sean will be home on Monday! I am so excited and counting down the days. It is hard having him in such a remote area where the cell service is not very good. Most of our phone conversations get cut off about 3 times before we are actually done talking, and I think he spends most of the time on the phone either standing in a window, or out in the 2 degree weather just so the phone doesn't drop the call. What an amazing husband!

Hope all is well with everyone and I will keep you updated frequently on the life of the Barkers!

Love to all

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  1. Thanks for doing this. Maybe it will help me keep a blog. Between this and facebook, Dad's going to take my phone away. There had better be daily pictures and updates on grandbaby Barker when he/she gets here since you don't live five minutes away. I know Heather and Trevor probably wish it was the case for them since being Grandparents is our favorite anything! Love ya