Monday, March 25, 2013

New Camera

So I got a new camera in November. And I have been getting good at taking pictures. I mean, I use the thing almost daily to take pictures for my other blog Our Thrifty Ideas. But yesterday I realized that I have this great piece of equipment and I am not using it for what’s most important; documenting my life to it’s fullest.
I take pictures with my phone, constantly. And my kids definitely are great at being in front of the camera. But the pictures that I take are definitely not “put on the wall” worthy. The quality isn’t great, and they are on my phone so the lighting and bokah etc are not what they could be.
So I have set a challenge for myself to take pictures of my kids on a daily (well maybe every other day) basis and document them. Whether here on the blog (yes, I’m gonna try to get better at posting here) or even just having them in a digital book for when the kids are older.

So here’s my start.
Last night we had cupcakes for dessert. Gracie kept yelling and Sean and I saying “So delicious, yum”! It was so cute to hear, then we looked at her.
It’s a good thing that we took her dress off before giving her the cupcake. Because it really got messy!

Hopefully I can get better at sharing the pictures here on the blog. Because let’s admit it; these kids deserve all the screen time they can get!

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