Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Holidays

It has been a long time… You ready for picture overload?
We went to Washington for Kathy and Ron’s mission farewell. It was so great to see Ron’s kids and get to know them, as well as spend some time as a family in such a beautiful place.

Ribbet collage2Ribbet collageIMG_7416

We were able to go crab hunting in the rain, and the kids did not even care that it was freezing and wet. They had a bawl.

We had our family pictures the next weekend. I am so glad Maren was able to take them, and they turned out better than I could have imagined.


Looking at these almost make me cry. I feel so lucky to have the amazing family that I do.

October was such a great month, ending it with a fun and festive Halloween. The first holiday William has really been able to understand and get into.


We taught William how to jump in the leaves this year!!

In November, we got our first big snow storm. William couldn’t wait to get out in it. He ran to the door in his underwear and rain boots, all ready to play!!
He wasn’t happy that I made him wait while we all got our snow clothes on. But it was well worth it when we got out in the fluffy white stuff!

But that was nothing compared to our next snow storm!!

We even made a slide for William!

We are now in to December, and I can not wait for what Christmas has to offer. William is already calling or facetimeing with Santa every day, and reminding me what he wants for Christmas any chance he has. Oh the joys of a toddler!!!

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