Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Eye Opener!

Wow, talk about an incredible eye opener. Last week I got a horrible virus on my laptop, and it completely wiped out my documents. Sean took it to a friend who took a look at it, but all was lost. So he reset it to the factory settings, getting rid of the virus, but this left me bawling for hours over my lost photos. I had our whole lives on that laptop. Every picture I had taken in the past 2 years was on there. B-day parties, pregnancies, dates, and even Gracie's birth. I still tear up thinking about it. I put the comment on facebook that I've never been so happy to be a "Facebook Picture Whore" before. I sometimes going into picture overload, but at least I knew those ones were safe and I could find them again.
Well, last night my old visiting teacher, who has moved away but is still apparently looking out for me, sent her husband over to double check. He did incredible things to both of my computers, and may actually be able to recover some of my pictures!!! HOOOOORAAAAAAYY! I seriously could have kissed him (I didn't just for Nancy and Sean's sake!).

But all of that made me realize that I need to start sharing my pictures and stories on our family blog more often. I not only need to keep everyone up to date with our incredibly crazy lives, but have the pictures documented. I will be printing the blog every few months for our own hard copy, and would love to have current, and up to date pictures!!

So, here we go!

2 nights ago, William helped me make brownies. They actually didn't turn out very well because as we were making them (at 8:30 at night) we ran out of sugar (about 1/4 cup short), and cocoa (about 1/4 cup short). Hmmm, guess I need to check the ingredients BEFORE starting a recipe huh?! Oh well, he loved to lick the spatula and bowl!

Yesterday we went and parked on one end of main street and walked up and down it. We went to see if there were any kids shows playing that I may take William to this weekend. He's never been to a theater before, and I think it would be a fun Mommy date to go to the little theater in kaysville! Anywho, we walked up to one end where there was a snow cone shack. Of course, we couldn't pass up a $2 snow cone. So we all shared one. I have a feeling we may be riding out bike there quite a bit this summer!

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  1. There are also online storage servers (Crashplan is the one I use) that you can upload pictures and documets etc. to. That way you can have even the pictures that are too private to share (birth pics) saved as a just in case. I don't know if there are any free ones, but I personally think its worth it.