Sunday, July 24, 2011

24th Marquiss Family Dinner

Last night we had a family dinner at my parents house down in PG to celebrate the holiday!
Unfortunately Sean has been on-call for work all week, and was stuck working in the heat all day yesterday.
So I packed up the kids and headed down early in the day hoping my parents would entertain William and take him swimming. Being that I can't "submerge in water" for 6 weeks after the c-section, I couldn't take him myself. We got there, and my parents were already in the pool!! We I threw William in with them, and Gracie and I sat and relaxed while they played.

William did FABULOUS in the water. Earlier in the year I took him to Lehi's city pool, but we stayed in the 2 foot deep section. So the only times he has been swimming were last week when he stayed with my parents, and yesterday. You wouldn't know it though, because he took off swimming with no help but a noodle under his arm. He even slipped off the noodle and went all the way under but kicked himself back up to the surface!! I was so proud of my little water boy!

When he was not in the big pool, he was playing in the sand box, the kiddie pool, or feeding the chickens. That kid is such a non-stop personality that wears everyone out!

I took over 150 pictures last night (can you say I'm addicted to my camera?!) But somehow narrowed it down to not as many!

My parents neighbors have a train they made out of barrels and pull with a 4 wheeler or a riding lawn mower. Dad borrowed it to take the grandkids for a ride. I decided to tag along to get some pictures....bad idea 2 weeks after a c-section! At least the pictures turned out.

Each kid picked an animal that they wanted their car to be.

Hendrix - Cow
Dakota - Pig
Heather/Marley - Goat
Marley - Horse
William/Grandma - Elephant

Spending time with my family is the best!

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