Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Beef Stew

I've had many requests for some of my recent recipes, so I'm gonna post them on here!

Beef Stew:
(kinda a bad picture, cause i took it after half of the stew was eaten!)

This one is REALLY easy
So I just put a bunch of stew meat into a crockpot
cut up celary, carrots, onion, and potatos and placed on top of the meat.
Put in frozen corn and peas.
Then put one bag of onion soup mix, and a can of crm of chicken soup on the top, so as it cooks, it will seep down into the meat and vegis.
Salt and pepper to taste
pour on 3 cups of water (or if you want you can use beef broth, but mine was plenty flavorful with just water).
I did this about 8:30 this morning and put it on low. It was done by around 3ish and I just put it on warm after that!!

Good luck!

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