Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Yesterday was Sean's and my 2nd Anniversary. It is hard to believe that it has been that long, but at the same time, so much has happened and been accomplished since then, i can't believe it has only been 2 years!

I thought that the day would be a day full of romance, fun, and time spent together....boy was I wrong. Sean had to be into work by about 8 o'clock that morning, so i slept in til 8:30 when the dog was barking so loud from the basement I couldn't take it anymore! I got up and did the dishes and ate breakfast, all the while thinking Sean wouldn't be long at work. I did some laundry, sat around the house, and even took a nap, but Sean still wasn't home.

So I called him about noon to see if he knew when he would be home, and he said "shortly". Why do I ever trust that Sean can judge time? He is always late for EVERYTHING, so when he says "shortly" I should have been thinking "a few more hours". So I ran to the store and got the rest of his gift, grocery shopped for dinner and desert, then came home for some hot hours of cooking.

It was my first attempt at Meatloaf which is Sean's favorite. I had a lot of trial and error before I got what I figured was the right taste for the sauce, and then the correct consistency for the meatloaf, then crossed my fingers and threw it in the over.

This is where I decided to make something I am actually good at...dessert!! I had recalled Sean a few days earlier commenting on how chocolate cake with chocolate frosting sounded "so good" and so I figured I would make the thing he nonchalantly hinted for. (after cooking baked potatos, meatloaf, and then cake...the house could very well have been 110 degrees for about 3 hours) But I also had to think about myself, which is where the chocolate covered strawberries came into play! I think I ate more than what actually made it into the fridge to cool and harden. They turned out scrumptious!

When Sean finally got home about 4 o'clock, I let him open the gifts I had gotten him. A book called "dad's pregnant too" (which i recommend to anyone who is expecting. It gives your husband all of the do's and don'ts of when YOU are pregnant), a new xbox game, and a home made card. Little did I know, that when I asked the guy at Target for the newest "Call of Duty" game, he gave me last years, which Sean already had. So there went that excitement! Sean ended up driving back and forth to Target to get the correct game, which they had but didn't give me!

Sean was playing his video game, and I was bored, so I decided to file our taxes...BAD IDEA. Turns out we owe in both State and Federal. Not the greatest news to receive on your anniversary!

And that's about it...the wonderful day that we got married just 2 short years ago....funny how times have changed!


  1. Happy two years. Trent and I were like that on our taxes too before we had Cort. It will be better for you next year with the baby added on.