Friday, October 31, 2014

Do you have friends?

Today Gracie came and snuggled up on my lap and asked "do you have any friends". Of course I do! She then continued on to ask me a very specific question that completely blew me away. "What do you do when your friends throw dirt at you and you don't want them to? Do you yell?"
I almost couldn't believe that she was grown up enough to be asking me questions like this.

Earlier today she had come home crying because her friend's little brother had spilled her drink and been throwing dirt at her so I figured her questions were stemming from this earlier instance.

I explained to her that I never yell at my friends, even if we disagree with something, I always use calm words to solve the situation. She then replied "so I can't hit them or yell?"

I honestly couldn't believe the mature and real person conversation I was having with my daughter. How did she get this old?  I kinda want my baby back but at the same time I am loving that I can have talks like this with her.

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