Thursday, September 1, 2011

The big 2!

Last week was William's 2nd birthday!!! I can not believe that he is already 2 years old. It seems like just yesterday we were finding out we were pregnant for the first time. What a crazy life it has been having him in our life, and I love every minute of that craziness....well MOST every minute!

To celebrate his birthday we started the day with opening presents!! He was more amuzed with the wrapping paper than opening it. Guess that's what I get for having animal paper!

We then met Grandma at Thanksgiving Pointe to go to the Farm Country. Of course, he was in heaven. He even rode the pony all by himself (after a little hesitation), and went back for another ride!

What was going to be a trip to the Farm Country ended up also being a trip to the Kids Garden as well as a ride on the golf cart in the main garden at Thanksgiving Pointe. What more could a kid ask for on his birthday?!....Arctic Circle!

Yup, we had his birthday dinner at Arctic Circle. He ate french fries, a rice crispy treat, Dr Pepper and a chocolate ice cream cone! He also wore himself out on the play place!

What a fabulous birthday!

On Saturday for his party, we rented a bounce house/slide combo. Wow, talk about the highlight of William's year. He didn't go in the house for almost a complete 8 hours. He LOVED that thing. Probably the best money spent in a long time.

And boy do I have amazing pictures from it.

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