Sunday, November 28, 2010

New Camera!!

Sean went out shopping for Black Friday. Unusual to hear of the husband going out...but with William at home, and my prego self NEEDING sleep, it was necessary for me to sleep all night. So he did the shopping.
He came  home with a new camera for me for Christmas....but little ol me talked him into giving it to me NOW!!! I'm in love.

Because of the new camera, my goal is to blog so much more, and post a ton of pictures. I'm very excited to document our crazy life with pictures!

Just the past 2 days have been so eventful. William had a play date last night with Dax:

This is how William poses for pictures now!!

The two boys playing in the toy closet. This is probably the cleanest this house has ever been with the two of them together!

I had to post this picture. Because getting a picture of Dax smiling is near impossible!

And of course, once William went missing we knew right where to find him.....soaking wet playing in the toilet. GROSS

Tried to get another picture of Dax...but he hid from the camera.

And today, with all of the snow everyone got, we took William's snow suit down to my parents house. William has not played in the snow yet because he seems to get sick everytime it falls. So today was the perfect day! And he LOVED IT.

His first step out onto snow!

Dad getting ready to throw the first snowball

Grandpa helped Willaim make his first snow angel! he loved it

It's hard to see, but it was a dang good angel

Sean after I kicked snow all over him. He then went inside "cold" and pouted!

He picked snow up to throw, and it blew back in his face. I swear this face is priceless!

He didn't care about his rosey cheeks, and his red hands. All he cared about was getting an animal cracker!

And of course, no day would be complete without dessert. Tonight was our second "Thanksgiving Dinner" so we had tons of pie. William loved the banana cream

What a great weekend it has been! I always love when Sean gets time off work, and has time to spend with the family. There are 3 days out of the week that William doesn't see Sean at having Thursday-Sunday where he got to play with Daddy all day everyday, he was in paradise!

Short story!
The other night, we were driving home from dinner, and I turned to Sean and started to tell him a story. William immediately started shouting from the back seat "Dad Dad Dad Dad" until I stopped talking and Sean replied with "What William". William then continued to jibber-jabber on and on! Once he stopped, I started to finish my story to Sean when William quickly interupted with "Dad Dad Dad Dad" until I stopped talking and Sean again replied with "Waht William". He then started to jibber-jabber once again. This happened 4 times before I finally gave up and decided I wasn't going to get a word in until we were home!
It was so cute to see that William wanted all of Dad's attention and all he cared about was holding a non-understandable conversation with him!

Yup, I love my life!


  1. He is SO adorable!! Glad you got your new camera!! What kind did you get? Congratulations on your pregnancy!! How exciting for you guys!!

  2. How CUTE is he??? Love the snow pictures, and the one of Dax cheeseing it!

  3. He's definantly a Marquiss. Will be on skis before you know it! :)