Friday, October 22, 2010

First time at the Pumpkin Patch

On Tuesday my Mom wanted to take the Grandkids to the pumpkin patch, but William was the only one that could go. Because of course, we have no life and sit around the house everyday waiting to be invited to something!!

He had such a blast. We went to the Pumpkin Patch down in Vineyard. I can't remember the name, but apparently I have been a whole bunch when I was younger...I don't remember that!

They had a corn maze

Picture Boards


And of course, PUMPKINS!

The best part of all of it, he learned to immitate a chicken!! "Cockadoodle-DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO"

{Yes I realize that I filmed it sideways again. Maybe someday I'll learn}

In the middle of the corn maze, he found a totem pole with a ghost at the top. He loved him!

But his absolute favorite was the picture boards. He just couldn't grasp the correct concept!

They also had a great little play area. But I'm not sure who enjoyed it more...William because he got to play, or me because it made for some great photo ops!

And of course, he had to pick out his pumpkin....

oh the options...

hmmm, which one do I want?

Yup, this is it!

It make me sad to see my baby growing up, but at the same time I'm so excited for what's to come. He is changing everyday, and growing up to be so smart and witty!

In the past few days he has started saying so many new words. So the list now is
Sign language: More, Please, Hot
Saying: Momma, Dad, Night Night, Bye Bye, Dog (along with the sound), Car (along with the sound), Juice, Hot Dog, Food, Luv You, Welcome (in place of Thank You and Your Welcome), and my absolute most favorite, AMEN!
We have been including him in family prayer. It is hard because they can not exceed 30 seconds or we loose his attention. But he will sit on our lap and fold his arms until he hears "Amen" and then he will yell Amen and start to clap!
Well last night I was so anxious to get him to bed that I forgot the prayer part. As I was walking upstairs with him to put him down for the night, he looked at me, folded his arms and told me "Amen". It's so wonderful that my 13 month old is already creating such great habits and making sure to hold us accountable!!

Is it just me, or do these little guys grow up way too fast?

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