Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Uncle Max's Cabin

We just got back from a family reunion trip in Oregon! It was so amazing. It's been about 10 years since I have been, and I will never miss another year.
I took so many pictures. I guess that's what happens when it's William's first vacation right? He was so spoiled the whole time that we were there. Everyone LOVED him (that's probably an understatement!) and played with him all the time, and he had complete undivided attention the whole time.
I took too many videos too! (PS, click on the arrows of the video to make it full screen, it's easier to watch that way)
This is William eating his dinner! Oh, and it has him saying "Bye Bye" too! So Cute. Oh, and if my Dad knows I put this up, he will get so mad at me. He is the one in the background making the funny noises at Will!

My Grandpa is SUCH a cheeseball!
Once William got used to the water, he LOVED it! What a better way to spend a day than laying in the sun, and playing in the lake when you get too warm.

Now I'm gonna jump right into the pictures!
We took him out on a party boat just to see the animals, and it put him right to sleep. He kept staring at the water, the wake, and the dog that ran from side to side! Then all of a sudden, he zonked! He was out COLD.

Taking his first bath at Max's cabin, in the big metal bathtub! It definitely wont be his last either!

This is William's absolute favorite thing to do, look at himself in the mirror all wrapped in his towel! He thinks he is the cutest thing ever! It's a good thing he really is.
When you go to the cabin, you have to earn your stay! All of the guys put in new lights and a ceiling in the carport! Gotta love these handy men!
Gram asked me to get in the water with her for the first time since we got there. It was really warm outside, but the water was FREEZING. Ya know how most people lie and say the water is fine just to get you in, as soon as Gram put a foot in the water she said "I don't know how to swim, so if this water is this cold for too long, you may have to save me". Haha, it was pretty chilly!
This was William's first time in the lake, and he wasn't very happy about how cold it was either. He stood on my thighs and kept the rest of himself from touching the water. It took him quite some time to warm up to the idea of swimming!
Papa Stan loves William. Whatever William wanted, Papa Stan gave him!
The things that Marquiss family does to stay entertained........Yeah!
My Grandpa is SO MATURE!
Everyone stayed up until all hours of the night playing "Water Pong" It's the old person, young person, and Mormon version of Beer Pong! It definitely wouldn't be good to have the 5 year old going to kindergarten telling her class that she played Beer Pong over the summer at her Marquiss family reunion!
This is a picture of William's very first sourdough pancakes breakfast! If you know the Marquiss family at all, you know that it is very rare that it has taken this long for him to have them!
William always carries his toys in his mouth, and this week was no different. He had this pirate in his mouth all the time!
NOBODY better tell my Dad this is on here. I was threatened not to put it on! But I just love it! Sean had dropped some fishing stuff in the lake, so my Dad went diving for it. Such an attractive picture huh!
If anyone ever thought my child didn't like food, I have plenty of witnesses to the fact that William LOVES food. He would not stop eating the spaghetti. He ate more that night than I did!
This is where all of our meals are prepared, served, and cleaned up! Gotta love the great outdoors!
Ok, and now here's just a bunch of randoms that I thought were cute!


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  2. I'm jealous! It's been more than 10 years since I've been to the cabin!